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Public Deliberation Strengthens Hospital CHNAs

By Isaac Michaels, MPH

From the Literature
Public deliberation improves community knowledge about health promotion, and informs hospital-community coalitions in prioritizing health issues for community health needs assessments (CHNAs). This is according to new research in the Journal of Public Health Practice and Management by Gold et al. of the New York Academy of Medicine. With improved knowledge, particularly on the impact of education on health, coalition members favored community-based and policy interventions for addressing prioritized health challenges over clinical strategies.

Our Thoughts
An engaged and informed coalition is foundational to a strong hospital CHNA. Convening community members begins with sharing data on health issues and listening to their concerns, experiences, and ideas. A secondary health data report can bring everyone to the table, and guide the conversation.

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Gold MR, Realmuto L, Scherer M, Kamler A, Weiss L. Community Priorities for Hospital-Based Prevention Initiatives: Results From a Deliberating Public. J Public Health Manag Pract. 2018;24(4):318-325.

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