Our reports include over 87 data indicators.

Comparable counties

We analyze and visualize data for a wide array of indicators, to understand how health outcomes and health determinants in your county comapare to those in comparable ‘peer’ counties.

Choropleth maps

We generate maps to show geographic distributions of health data. The geographic patterns highlight health issues that are unique to your county, and also point out widespread health challenges that could be addressed collaboratively by regional interventions.

Statewide comparisons

We generate statewide county-level bar graphs. Paired with maps that illustrate geographic relationships, the bar graphs show indicator data with greater precision.

Disparity analyses

We carefully analyze data by sociodemographic catergories in order to identify health disparities. Side-by-side comparisons of health indicators by race/ethnicity and other variables serve as actionable data outputs for promoting health equity.

Dot distribution maps

We use satellite imagery and dot distribution mapping to display the locations of health care facilities in your community. These maps can reveal geographic gaps in facility placement, and opportunities for improving access.

Geocoding provided by Texas A&M Geoservices

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